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Amazing and comfortable clothing for all your beary needs!


Cool things that entertain!


Amazing graphic printed cups and mugs!

Bears Inn Embroidered Robes

Want to look amazing? Then check out our beautiful hand stitched robes! Complete with comfort, sense of warmth and memories of childhood! Want one? Click the button below!

Bears Inn Embroidered T-Shirts

Why yes we do have the best shirts in Colorado. Comfy, cozy and beary good looking! Don't hesitate to purchase one of our embroidered t-shirts!

Bears Inn Embroidered Hats

There is nothing classier than wearing a bears inn cap. Sipping tea, drinking cocoa or even at the ball game. You'll always look stylish and refined. They even work with pajamas! They look especially amazing when you stay at Bears Inn of course!

Gifts not enough? Come stay with us!

Bears Inn Embroidered Sweatshirt

It's Colorado. If you didn't bring your sweatshirt you came unprepared! But don't worry we got you covered. Our premium embroidered sweatshirts will keep the cold at bay all while wrapping you in beary goodness. Click Below to get yours!

Bears Inn Screen Printed T-Shirts

Oh, so you'd rather have screen printed? Well don't worry, we got you! Check out our amazing screen printed shirts with beautiful graphic designs and comfortable material!

Debeeze Honey

What do bears love? Fish! Oh, you thought I was going to say honey? Well, they do love that too and so do we! Check out our amazing selection of gourmet honeys! It's all the buzz around here!

Bring your gifts with you!

Bears Inn Plush Bear

Ok, let's be honest. We've all had a stuffed animal when we were kids. As we grew up it became socially unacceptable to continue to have one. See this isn't a stuffed animal though. It's a plush. According to social standards that's darn well acceptable. We can hug the bear if we want to. I'm not crying, you're crying. Ahem, anyways get your plush bear by clicking the link below!

Bears Inn Mug

If there's one thing Evergreen is known for its our muggings. I mean they happen all the darn time. Sometimes with cocoa, sometimes with tea, sometimes even with coffee! I think we're the mug capital of the world! Puns aside we think you'll really love our mugs! Get yours today!

Bears Inn Champagne Flutes

Have you ever just wanted to somewhere and drink champagne? Us too! That's why we're now offering our Champagne flutes! Drinking a boat, go ahead. Drinking on a plane, go ahead. Oh, you want to be extra classy? Then try drinking champagne at our very own Bears Inn! You'll love enjoying a little bubbly as you gaze upon the gorgeous Colorado scenery. Each order contains two champagne flutes for 15. As always, stay classy Evergreen!


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