Why Small, Intimate Weddings are the Next Big Thing

If you’re like me, you were stoked to have 5 weddings to attend this summer.  I bet, like me, all your weddings were cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19. I’ve had a few of these brides and grooms hit me up, freaking out “now what are we supposed to do?!” Well, I have the answer: have a small, intimate wedding! 

Small intimate weddings are the next big thing. You stay under the maximum group size of 25, you get to be outdoors where COVID is less likely to spread, and you are still able to get MARRIED! 

Here are some other reasons why small, intimate weddings are pretty amazing:

1.  They are WAY easier to plan, organize and execute 

Imagine only sending out 25 invitations instead of that 175 you were planning on. Imagine only ordering food for 25 people instead of that 150 who RSVP but really only 120 show up. 

2. You get to invite only the people who really matter to you

There isn’t room for the Aunt Shirley you haven’t seen since you were six years old or that “family friend” your soon-to-be mother-in-law wants to invite that you’ve heard has 5 kids all under the age of 10. You get to choose the 23 people who mean the most to your partner and you. Tell the rest of them that you’ll have a big party once it’s safe. Oh, and send them your gift registry 😉 

3. They cost A LOT less money 

It’s simple math. Weddings with less people will cost less money. Unless you decide to have your wedding in Hawaii, then it might still be a lot of money. 

4.  You and your guests will feel more relaxed

Everyone will get to talk to everyone. There will be less things to worry about. There will be less things to go wrong. All of this equals less stress and more fun. 
Bears Inn Bed and Breakfast may be the perfect venue for your small, intimate wedding! If you’d like, all 25 guests can spend the night and get a 3-course breakfast the next day! Check out our website for more details!