6 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Bears Inn

1.  All the Rooms are Themed!

When the new owners took over ownership about two years ago, they received LOTS of phone calls from past customers telling them to please not change the themes. Wendy and Pete decided to listen, and all the themes are still intact!

2.  Some Say a Ghost Lives in the Cabin!

Word on the street is that the main building isn’t haunted (that we know of) but some visitors staying in the cabin claim to have felt something else, other than just themselves…come stay two or three nights, and let us know what you think.

3.  A Three Course Breakfast is Served Daily!

Like most other Bed and Breakfasts, Bears Inn includes breakfast. BUT our breakfast is not just any breakfast. It is definitely not the light continental kind that is served at most hotels. We provide a high quality, locally-sourced 3 course meal every morning. Expect to leave with a full belly and the best part is we refill your coffee for you!

4.  There is a Surprise in All the Bathrooms!

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you anything else. Let’s just say it’s definitely a conversation starter.

5.  Bears Inn has two Dog-Friendly Rooms!

We know Coloradans (and a large majority of people from other states!) love their pups so we have not one, but TWO, dog-friendly rooms. They both have an exterior door leading to a patio and yard space for the four-legged friends to do their business!

6.  Bears Inn is now a Wedding Venue!

Intimate weddings, microweddings, elopements with family members, or whatever you’d like to call them are becoming more and more popular.  Bears Inn is the perfect location for these. We have beautiful ceremony spots, a covered pavilion for the reception, and the best part is your guests can all stay under the same roof when renting out the entire Inn! We can host up to 26 people. Contact us for more details. We’re also happy to host non-wedding events like family reunions, anniversary parties, dog birthday parties, etc.