Pam’s Jams and Preserves

“My Mom taught me how to make jams and her Mom taught her, so I am a 3rd generation jammer!”

Originating in Broomfield, CO, Pam’s Jams and Preserves stems from a jelly-filled dream that has been made into a reality for Pam. Her driving motto “from my heart to your home” is an accurate depiction of the flawless execution and passion that Pam puts into everything she makes. Getting creative in the kitchen is her key to building the variety of unique and original flavors that Pam’s Jams and Preserves offers.

Flavor combinations range from traditional fruit flavors to fruit blends, pepper jams, pie jams, savory jams for baking, and even dessert jams!

For fruit lovers, Pam’s Jams offers a selection of classic flavors as well as some great fruit combinations; cranberry pomegranate jelly, palisade peach jam, strawberry lemon marmalade and raspberry mango jam just to name a few. Even the classic Strawberry Rhubarb is so full of flavor! Spicy varieties  such as strawberry jalapeno, habanero gold jelly, and peach hot pepper jam are great on a slice of artisan bread or used for cooking! Some of the more creative flavors that can only be found at Pam’s Jams include Carrot Cake, Cherry Irish Stout Jam, Mimosa Jelly, White Balsamic Rosemary Jelly, and Sundae in a Jar Jam.

No matter which flavor you choose, Pam’s Jams and Preserves are sure to satisfy the tastebuds!

Are you a pancake or waffle lover? Pam’s Jams also has four delicious flavors of homemade syrups, including blackberry, peach, strawberry and blueberry.

Pam’s Jams are available at the Inn – but she also ships throughout the United
States! Visit her website below to see a full list of flavors and products. 

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