Evergreen Rodeo Parade

In a community rich in culture,  deeply rooted western traditions have been part of the Evergreen history for years.  Locals celebrate their western roots by attending The Evergreen Rodeo and Parade that takes place annually in mid June.  The Evergreen Rodeo is a standing local tradition; Joe Williford was a resident of Evergreen for 50 years, and the first regularly scheduled rodeo he remembers took place in 1935. In 1947 the rodeo made the transition from a local competition to professional. In response to the following demand, the Bear Creek Rodeo Association was formed and the tradition continued on. 

Originally intended to entertain the guests at the Troutdale Resort in the 30’s, The Evergreen Rodeo quickly gained the attention of visitors both near and far; some of which including Tom Mix, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Ethel Merman.

Local hands and residents held those rodeos and the rodeo parade for the entertainment of themselves and visitors.  They still do. Today’s parade and rodeo are non-profit affairs, organized by local volunteers with proceeds going to charity. Equipment, materials and labor were donated by local businesses, making it a total community effort.

Past years have seen famous cowboys such as Freckles Brown, All- around World Champions Phil Lyne and Larry Mahan, and world-famous rope artist Monty Montana. More currently, appearances have been made by world class contestants such as Bruce Ford, J.D. Yates, his sister Kelly, Abe Morris and Shane Call.

Following the first night of the Rodeo, the traditional Evergreen Rodeo Parade that trails through downtown truly connects the community. Visitors and locals line the streets of downtown, taking in the beautiful mountain scenery and enjoying the presence of the local atmosphere. 

As proud Evergreeners, we are honored to take place in the 2019 Evergreen Rodeo Parade! The Bears Inn will  be participating this year with a Western themed float and we would love to see you there! 

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